Classic Protective Coatings, Inc.

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Classic Protective Coatings, Inc.

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N7670 State Hwy. 25

Menomonie, WI 54751-5928

PH: 715-233-6267

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Michael Burke

General Manager

PH: (715) 308-7040

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Maintaining Pride in the Community. Classic Protective Coatings provides professional services for elevated water tanks,ground water tanks and fuel storage tanks. Our skilled mechanics repair and maintain tanks, keeping them safe and up to code. We abrasive blast and re-coat interior and exterior surfaces, perform washout and dive tank inspections. We are fully qualified to modify tanks to meet OSHA and current security standards. We have built a sterling reputation with our clients for working quickly, safely, and with the community in mind. We know what a water tower means to a community. • It is your identity, rising out of the horizon and announcingitself to travelers. Whether it is a landmark or an eyesore, it tells people a lot about your community. It is your water source.It must be in compliance with local,state, and national standards for a clean, safe water storage facility. It is your responsibility. Repairs and renovations must be donequickly, safely, and at a competitive cost. At Classic Protective Coatings,we share the community’s interests. Our well-trained teams meet exacting specifications on time and within budget. With our comprehensive repair and maintenance plans, we’ll take the lead in protecting your tank while you keep fiscal control over your future.Classic Protective Coatings, Inc. N 7670 State Highway 25 Menomonie, Wisconsin 54751-5928 USA Telephone: (715) 233-6267 • Facsimile: (715) Partial list of clients:•Fort Worth, Texas•Arlington, Texas•Mesquite, Texas•Eden Prairie, Minnesota•Cottage Grove, Minnesota•Bloomington, Minnes nota•Great Falls, Montana

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