Hydro Component Systems, LLC

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Hydro Component Systems, LLC

P. O. Box 553

Watertown, WI 53094

PH: 920-261-2139

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Thomas Reiss


PH: (920) 261-2139

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Capture debris and a competitive edge. For over 35 years, companies around the world have relied on Hydro Component Systems (HCS) to keep their water intake environments free from debris – and the costly problems debris can cause.

Our innovative debris capture and removal solutions, including trash racks and trash rakers, give companies a competitive advantage by helping them to protect expensive equipment, increase efficiency and reduce downtime. Easy to install, use and maintain, our durable products have been successfully utilized in a wide range of water environments and industries:

Power generation
Wastewater treatment plants
Pulp, paper & steel mills
Municipal water intakes
Storm water pumping stations
Water parks • Petro chemical plants
Custom applications

We use what we sell, every day. At HCS, we not only manufacture and sell our American-made products – we also use them every day at our own hydroelectric plants. So, our customers benefit from our daily in-field research, hands-on experience and quality control.

Ideal for a variety of applications:
Intake screens
Storm water overflows
Culvert and drainage underflows
Cooling water screens
Flow straighteners

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